CrossStitch 3.01

Allows you to create your own cross-stitch patterns on your PC
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CrossStitch Creations allows you to create your own cross-stitch patterns on your PC, or convert a picture into a cross-stitch pattern.
-Graphics conversion to pattern
- Bmp, jpg, ico, wmf, or emf files
- Color or black & white
- Colors automatically added to pattern
CrossStitch Creations will permit you to convert a computer graphic image to a cross stitch pattern. BMP, JPG, ICO, WMF, and EMF graphic image formats are supported. The patterns produced are very detailed and will take you some time to complete.
By example, a one-inch square section of a photograph will create a 100 by 100 stitch pattern—this is equivalent to a 5 by 5 inch cross stitch pattern on 20-count fabric. The converted pattern will contain up to 100 colors. (The scanning of a photograph into a graphic image file must be done with software included with your scanner.)

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